Metropol case study

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University College Copenhagen (UCC) is a university of applied sciences that offers a broad range of high quality bachelor’s degree and academy profession degree programmes. It is comprised by Metropolitan University College and University College Capital, who in March 2018 joined to become one of the biggest higher education institutions in Denmark.

Their programmes are grounded in research and development projects, involving practitioners and research institutions. Their projects “are designed to improve the flow of knowledge between research, education and practice”.

The school has 8 campuses located over Denmark, and more than 20.000 students attending one of their bachelor’s degrees, post-graduate studies, professional development courses or continuing education programmes.

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The industry of higher education is very dynamic, and institutions are increasingly competing on a global scale.

Technology not only allows to reach a greater number of potential students, but also changes how students learn, forcing institutions to adapt to the effects of technology on academia.

Institutions basically compete in price, quality and variety.


University College Copenhagen’s (UCC) market position relies greatly on their research., and one of the main tasks is monitoring professional practice news to know about the latest trends, regulatory changes, scientific innovations and competitor moves. However, UCC used “a high number of local and independent sources and separate news feeds”, which made this a resource intensive task, says Trine Azbi, library consultant at UCC. Managing sources separately and searching ad hoc for news, meant spending valuable hours of time categorizing data into relevant information.

The university college found the need to optimize their news surveillance processes but did not have the right toolset to implement it, thus opting to use a market intelligence software. The reason for choosing MarketScape as their market intelligence is simple, “they are the best in the market”, says Trine.


With the intelligence software, UCC gained a clear and integrated view of all current information. Personalized topics are automatically categorized and allow the school to monitor the market and guide their actions to current changes efficiently. The software also offers various content distribution options and assists in tracking success by giving i.a. an overview of paid media library ROI.

The use of sources different to international databases presented a challenge and merging all sources to the software took time, adds Mrs. Azbi. However, integrating tools and technologies are a major asset to information discovery.

Once the software was setup, we noticed an improved use of licensed news sources. We saved valuable time in news surveillance and the production of newsletters, concludes Trine. MarketScape is a manageable solution to work with sources, searches and users. Once it works, there are endless possibilities for news service.


The collaboration between both companies helped UCC stay ahead in their research and the ongoing renewal of professions. At the same time, it gave MarketScape the opportunity to adjust their products to specific industry characteristics and client needs and with that, offer a broader expertise to their clients.

The effort of automatizing news surveillance is undoubtedly profitable and the differentiator between being ahead or behind competitors.

  • Client: Metropol
  • Service: MarketScape Secure Cloud