MarketScape provides automated market intelligence software to GN ReSound

GN ReSound, is part of the GN Group and has more than 147 years of expertise, capabilities and insight to produce some of the best and most innovative audio devices in the world. The company is represented in over 80 countries and has world leading expertise in the human ear, sound, wireless technology and miniaturization.


GN ReSound is determined to maintain its global leadership position. This requires monitoring the market’s latest trends and keeping up to date with competitors’ new initiatives, product developments, regulatory changes and scientific breakthroughs. The company identified the need to optimize their market intelligence process to better reflect the current market changes and found that a market intelligence software capable of adapting to the company’s individual requirements would be the best solution.

As Competitive Intelligence Manager Ole Dyrlund explains: It is of great importance to GN ReSound that we have the ability to fully customize our market intelligence platform in order to reflect our business environment as accurately as possible.


After a first one-day workshop the platform was customized to GN ReSound’s needs. Once the platform was fully setup, the audio company was able to start monitoring the market without using anymore large amount of research work. The software additionally offers GN ReSound various distribution options regarding information delivery, which can be applied to target specific individuals or groups in various formats; including newsletters and feeds.

As Ole Dyrlund puts it: The implementation of MarketScape has minimized our need for google searches and online research as relevant market info is already being captured automatically by MarketScape. Also, my colleagues are spending less time performing ad hoc searches as the dynamically updated feeds provide them with the most important news on market dynamics.


The use of a market intelligence platform enables GN ReSound gain a detailed and current view of the competitive landscape the company operates in and reinforces their top market position. Investing in setting up the right market intelligence process brings a company clear efficiency gains and, most importantly, allows to respond to competitor’s actions in time based on precise external insights. The assimilation of the market intelligence insights and strategy adjustments gives a company recurring competitive adva

  • Client: GN Resound
  • Service: Competitive- and Market Intelligence