The Concept

Data is all around us, but insights are rare. Today - companies and organisations have more data than ever before, and missing out on something important is more expensive than ever. Organisations need the ability to filter and refine information to extract meaningful insights from it. MarketScape unlocks the insights that are buried deep within the data, and is valuable for your companys strategy and for you to complete your job.

Consolidate and normalize data from any type of data-source.
Filter and refine
Categorize and sort information with AI assisted topical intelligence.
Evaluate and bring perspective to critical information.
Customize, distribute and deliver personalized reports to key employees.

Worldclass intelligence software

The idea behind our platform, is to unify information streams from media and information sources including business critical content providers into one integrated workflow and personalized user experience – with a minimum of ongoing maintenance and with great usability. Our platform covers science, regulatory information, patents, business news and market research.

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Via e-mail, Slack, Sharepoint, CRM or other systems where you audience is working.
Specify exact content using advanced boolean logic, and AI assisted topic builders.
Track & measure
Get visibility into what your audience is engaging with, and optimize your briefings.
News reader
Let your internal stakeholders read news and control subscriptions via a beautifully designed and customizable news reader.
Teamwork is becoming a norm for successful intelligence. Work together on producing reports.
Integrate our data and results into your own environment.
Scrape data from any type of SoMe-, marketplace- or news source.
Content curation
Collect and aggregate from news, blogs, feeds, alerts and social media.

Why Choose Us?

+345 clients worldwide
Since MarketScape started developing software 8 years ago, more than 345 clients have chosen to license our software.
Worldclass technology
MarketScape has a worldclass development team, and we invest 60% of our annual revenue into customer driven product development.
High Customer Service
MarketScapes client satisfaction team in the MENA region and Europe deliver outstanding around the clock customer service.
Actionable Intelligence
Our mission is and has always been to deliver ACTIONABLE intelligence, that makes a REAL difference to the business of our clients.

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