MarketScape Enterprise

The MarketScape Enterprise software is a dedicated and customized in-house solution. MarketScape Enterprise comes with the same features as the MarketScape Secure Cloud, but physically placed behind the client organisation firewalls, which gives total control of the data, security etc. The software suite also enables integration with existing backend systems and other third-party products.

Internal data
Connect to internal data repositories without any hassle
Data regulations
Don't deal with data storage regulations that might restrict where data is stored
Hardware control
Deploy to hardware that follows the rest of your company
Store your data behind a firewall that you control
Control the security of the server

Why Choose Us?

+345 clients worldwide
Since MarketScape started developing software 8 years ago, more than 345 clients have chosen to license our software.
Worldclass technology
MarketScape has a worldclass development team, and we invest 60% of our annual revenue into customer driven product development.
High Customer Service
MarketScapes client satisfaction team in the MENA region and Europe deliver outstanding around the clock customer service.
Actionable Intelligence
Our mission is and has always been to deliver ACTIONABLE intelligence, that makes a REAL difference to the business of our clients.

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