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Cyberattacks targeting corporate infrastructures are surging, and a growing number of these threats are propagated by entities lurking in the most hidden regions of the Internet. MarketScape Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence provides near real-time monitoring of cyberattacks across the Dark Web, the Deep Web, fraudster-to-fraudster social media conversations and other digital channels, providing actionable intelligence and alerts to help organisations take the right steps to protect their financial assets, brands and customer reputations.

The dark web platform for LEA/intel customers is distributed via our strategic partner

Monitor deepweb, darkweb and closed communications forums and channels.
Build threat triggers to target communication related to your organisation or company.
Analyse and investigate cyber-criminals (vendors), data breaches and trends across underground networks.
Deliver real time reports and evidence for investigators, analysts and decision makers.

Worldclass intelligence software

The idea behind our platform, is to unify information streams from media and information sources including business critical content providers into one integrated workflow and personalized user experience – with a minimum of ongoing maintenance and with great usability. Our platform covers science, regulatory information, patents, business news and market research.

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Unique benefits

Compromised data that ends up in the Dark Web can cause organisations and their customers significant financial loss – and damage brand equity and reputation. Companies must gain real-time visibility into Dark Web attacks so they can act decisively to protect their assets and customers.

Dark web threat monitoring
Penetrate more cybercrime zones than other solutions, including the Deep Web, the Dark Web and Social Networks.
Customizable search keywords
Target forums and markets known to be active in cybercrime and add additional sites at your request - in any language.
Full automation and scalability
Automate investigations with AI assisted topics and scale with unlimited sources and filters.
Stored evidence for investigators
Build up and store evidence, and build the case to take out criminals behind the hidden networks.
Protect your organisation and assets
Insure your organisation against data breaches and hackers targeting physical og digital assets.
Find leaked data in real time
Identify data in real time including stolen information, products and imminent security threats.

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+345 clients worldwide
Since MarketScape started developing software 8 years ago, more than 345 clients have chosen to license our software.
MarketScape has a worldclass development team, and we invest 60% of our annual revenue into customer driven product development.
High Customer Service
MarketScapes client satisfaction team in the MENA region and Europe deliver outstanding around the clock customer service.
Actionable Intelligence
Our mission is and has always been to deliver ACTIONABLE intelligence, that makes a REAL difference to the business of our clients.

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