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About MarketScape

MarketScape delivers an innovative cyberthreat intelligence service.

We are headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. We scour the open, deep and dark web to deliver fresh, automated and actionable threat intelligence to organisations, helping protect their critical data from the outside in.

MarketScapes scalable cloud-based or on-prem technology turns global threat data into sophisticated, relevant intelligence.

Worldclass intelligence software

The idea behind our platform, is to unify information streams from media and information sources including business critical content providers into one integrated workflow and personalized user experience – with a minimum of ongoing maintenance and with great usability. Our platform covers science, regulatory information, patents, business news and market research.

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Our Solutions

MarketScape covers a broad spectrum of solution areas.

Competitive- and Market Intelligence
MarketScape lets you monitor and mine open source data, helping you discover information on current and future competitors, product launches and new innovations that may have the potential of disrupting your operations.
R/D & Scientific Research
Current awareness and scientific intelligence is of paramount importance for life sciences companies. The industry is constantly evolving with new products hitting the market and the ongoing revolutionary changes and new regulations.
Cyber Security & Intelligence
MarketScape Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence provides near real-time monitoring of cyberattacks across the Dark Web, the Deep Web, fraudster-to-fraudster social media conversations and other digital channels.
Law Enforcement & National Security
The most sophisticated cyber criminals hide in the darkest corners of the internet. Our close strategic partner works exclusively with MarketScape technology for governments and law enforcement.

Our Products

Our products are designed to support our clients workflows, from integrating and analysing data to delivering their findings across their organisations.

MarketScape Secure Cloud
Organisations need the ability to filter and refine information to extract meaningful insights from it. MarketScape unlocks the insights that are buried deep within the data, and is valuable for your companys strategy and for you to complete your job.
MarketScape Enterprise
MarketScape Enterprise comes with the same features as the MarketScape Secure Cloud, but physically placed behind the client organisation firewalls, which gives total control of the data and security.
MarketScape has build the worlds leading technology to automatically, anonymously and continuously collect, index and structure actionable data from the dark web. This approach is very different from the conventional approach which relies heavily on manpower.
MarketScape API
Make MarketScape your own by integrating our data and results in your own platforms, or leverage third-party products with the power of MarketScapes features.

Scale, speed, agility.

We build products that make people better at their work.

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The project is in close collaboration with our strategic partner, that works globally and exclusively with MarketScape technology for governments and law enforcement.

The DeepINTEL conference is DeepSec’s sister event focusing on Security Intelligence. Security Intelligence is one of the newest disciplines in the IT security zoo.

Hans Ulrik Staehr, CEO of MarketScape is to speak on Digital Economic Forum the 24th of April in Zürich. Hans Ulrik Staehr is the CEO of the market intelligence software company MarketScape. He has more than 15 years experience working with the largest financial and pharmaceutical companies in Europe. Two years ago Hans Ulrik founded,...

If you’re interested in a review of MarketScape MS4, please check this review from Jinfo. Since the review was done two years ago, we launched MS5, which adds an end-user oriented application to our software platform. For a demo of MS5 please contact our sales team.

Our strategic partner specialized in Dark Web monitoring to present at ISS, Kuala Lumpur. 

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