Information Delivery
Information is delivered via personalized e-mail briefings and dashboards available for reading on- and offline, via workstations or mobile devices.

Enterprise social & collaboration
Social features such as comments, sharing and ratings make information alive, and help surface tacit knowledge. Analysts and librarians collaborate via workspaces to optimize workflows and support end-users across the enterprise.

Search, smart-tagging and recommendations
A search engine, smart-tagging and behavioral based recommendations enable delivery of precise and relevant information to end-users – curating data from multiple content providers in any format.

Subscription management and smart-buy
Content providers are managed through the platform. Content spending and information usage is analyzed across the enterprise to lower total cost of ownership of licensed information and purchased market research.

Cloud- or server
The platform is delivered as-a-service (SaaS) with no hidden implementation or maintenance costs, or with optional implementation of a dedicated in-house server for compliance with copyrights or corporate policies.